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Tear off your own head

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I have a LiveJournal even though I'm over 15 and don't write Harry Potter fanfic because I'm a pretty solid dude. I think.

I like things with holes, scars, dents, and stains. Things that have been lived in, on, near, or dropped from several stories. Things that have several stories.
I have long hair.
On occasion, I'm a real jackass.
I wear knock-off Ray-bans because I can't afford real ones, but even if I could, I probably wouldn't want to drop that much money on a pair of sunglasses.
Unless they can make me look like John Lee Hooker.
I love shoes like a woman. One of my proudest moments is finding a pair of two-tone Stacy Adams wingtips at a Value Village.
I've blown chunks twice tonight.
I usually sleep naked.
I came here to get drunk, not laid.
I'm moving to Portland, Oregon within the next two years.
In the cases of religion and politics, I'm completely apathetic.
In fact, I'm an entirely passive person, sometimes to a fault.
I'm also a very impulsive person, sometimes to a fault.
I live in a basement.
My laptop screen is filthy.
I'm constantly restless.
Sometimes, I throw up a lot.
I didn't really know what living was until I started working hard for a living.
"noise folk grunge"(?), 24-hour breakfast joints, b-movies, basements, blues, cabin parties, chain smoking, cheap booze, cheap cars, cheap cigarettes, cheap clothes, cheating luck, dumpter diving, earning a hangover, evan williams, fedoras, fireworks, free shit, full-time work, heaven hill, infomercials, jazz, jim jarmusch, king cobra, milk crates, naugahyde, old american four-door sedans, old granddad, pabst blue ribbon, pall mall filters, pocket lint, punk rock, restless drifting, roach killers, rude waitresses, second-hand merchandise, simplicinitude, skinny ties, songwriting, soul, tipping 25%, victimless crime, wolf tickets